Magic of Crythalia

Crythalia is a world that is filled with magic. Ever corner, ever stream, teems with magic, so it seems only natural that the magic of the world should be free. However, since the Grand Decree of the Council of Three putting chain on Mages, magic has hardly been a free thing.

Arcane Magic:

Wizards Wizards have taken the brunt of the effects from The Decree. Since Wizards need places to study in order to learn their magic, putting the only places they can learn under the control of the Templars made controlling them easy. It wasn’t long before there was hardly a wizard in the world that wasn’t under their control. According to the Templars, young wizards present the greatest danger, and are therefore not allowed to do work on their own. Any young wizard [Young adults] that leaves an academy or guild hall is put under guard of at least one templar. Only older wizards [adult or older] who have proven themselves are allowed to travel alone, but only if they check in with a guild every few weeks. Templars will not hesitate to bring in a wizard who fails to check in.

Sorcerers Sorcerers have more options than wizards. Having Dragonblood, Sorcerers seemed naturally drawn to work with the draconic ancestors. Dragons granted them a great deal of freedom, for a simple oath of fealty. The oath will differ from dragon to dragon, but the general terms are the same. Protection from the Templars, in exchange for service when required. Many take the oath.

Others however, choose to follow the guild. It helps them learn, and they can live with the restictions.

An even smaller number, however, choose the life of a rouge. It’s a very hard life, seeing as any magic in a public place can get you turned in to the Templars. Most take the guise of simple travelers, or rouges. Many get caught, but the good ones always seem to find a way to make their way.

Other Arcane Nearly every other Arcane class finds the same restrictions put on them. Until something changes, arcane magic will always be a target.

Other Magic:

Druidic/Nature Magic: Since Druids are an extremely secretive group, hardly anything is known of them. Moreover tracking them down to implement any kind of restrictions becomes nearly impossible. Add to that the fact that nature turns against you when you DO try and restrict them and you have a nasty combination.

The Council also decided that since the magic was “natural” it wasn’t truly a problem. Good excuse.

Bardic Magic: Bardic Magic is hardly even called “real” magic. Bards are not even allowed into the Mage Guilds. When it came to restricting magic Bardic Magic never even came up. In later years when the question did come up, it was determined that bards tapped into the original songs of creation to create small magic.

And really, who heard of a bard causing any more trouble than a bar fight?


Most Templars are breakaways from the church, though great number of them still hold to their religious obligations. They are specially trained to hunt down mages, and to find them in the crowds in which they hide. They are armed with many special abilities, and special training. Along with being able to detect magic users, they also have the ability to nullify their magic, rendering them harmless. Ultimately, a mages nightmare. Finding out a Templar is after you is often a sentence to life term in prisons for a mage. All run, but few escape.

Magic of Crythalia

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