The city of Jarmalk is unique in all of Crythalia. It is a city that truly belongs to the Merchants. Everything is for sale in Jarmalk, and for the right price to the Merchant Lords, even the city itself is for sale. As a result from time to time the country that “owns” the city tends to change. Usually these changes are smooth, but from time to time they are a bit tempestuous.

The Main Merchant Guild is located here and is where the Merchant Lords can usually be contacted. Any big deal going down, and they will know about it, though getting an audience always carries a price tag.

Seeing as the city has no allegiance to any country, all of the races are fairly represented within its walls. More than that, just about anything can be found, or information on it, in the city if you know where to look.

Apart form the Merchant headquarters, The Arena is also located here. Once or twice a year the city will hold a Great Game, to draw in people from all over. During these times, the city is awash with new people, new items, and new information. The prize in the Great Game is greater than any of the smaller events held throughout the year. Many believe it’s worth dying for, and many do.

Welcome to Jarmalk, true capital of the world. Not the world of nobles and priests. Not the world of dragons, and magic. But the real world, where people do what they can, and what they have to, to get by.


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