I know that I’ve been talking about starting up a new game for ages now, but now I’m finally getting down to it. The tentative name for the campaign is “Move by move…”, thus the title of the thread. This thread is for asking questions, and for some basic information. Hopefully, later today, I’ll be posting the world information that I have so far so that making characters will be easier.

Just so everyone knows, this campaign is going to be different than the previous ones I’ve run in a couple of ways. First, instead of being an Epic campaign (save the world, defeat the evil dragon lich, etc.) I’m running a Sandbox game. While there will still be running storylines throughout the world, in this game what actions are taken next will be decided completely by the party. I am going to focus more on how the world reacts to the party, and less on guiding the party down a particular turn of events.

Secondly, I am going to try and push people to roleplay more. To help with this, I am going to be a bit more strict with characters than I have been in the past (I apologize if I’m sounding like a bit of a dick.[LOL, Adam saying dick cracks me up for some reason.] I also apologize in advanced for shooting down some of your character ideas). I am trying to build a very rich world, and to help with that I will limit some races (partially by having a lower starting level). I am also asking that you check your characters with me before playing them.

So, down to the details.


  • We will be running Gestalt characters. Most of you know what that entails, but for anyone unfamiliar with the term, it means that at each level you take two different classes. For more detailed information, go here
  • Stats will be 4d6, drop 1.
  • We will be starting out at 3rd level.
  • As part of your character creation I would like there to be a fairly detailed back story that includes why your character takes the classes that they take as one class, rather than multiclassing (why they are gestalt). You’ll find that this will limit some of the choices you have, but I think it will make for a much richer environment.
  • If people want, instead of taking two classes, they can create one single class, that is the equivalent of two gestalt. (My suggestion would be to take an existing class, and then add some features to it. For example a fighter that might have some small amount of skill with arcane arts and can perhaps use them to wield Blade Magic.)

Move by move...

Arghetlam Griever